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Don’t know if you know but Weird Al’s released an album. (Scroll down a little for the vids.) What I’ve heard so far is vastly amusing, as is the packaging. (I want some of those t-shirts but the postage is how much to Australia? Humph.)

'Word Crimes' is snicker worthy

and his parody of Lorde’s ‘Royals’ - Foil - is hysterical (watch the clip all the way through)

but it’s 'Mission Statement' that makes me laugh the hardest. Management speak. Brilliant.

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Is there something wrong with it?
Should I not be laughing so hard?


Is there something wrong with it?

Should I not be laughing so hard?

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Dreaming in two parts last night.

In the first, a period of time - involving fairly mundane things - kept repeating over and over and over. Subjectively there was no difference in the time frame but objectively the amount of time in which the events took place contracted. At first it took hours, then minutes, then seconds to repeat the scene. Blip done. Blip done…

In the second part something happened - can’t remember what, again I think it was fairly mundane - but then time unfurled backwards, so I could see what came before.

Not surprisingly, when I woke up my time sense was fried. Couldn’t work out what my clock was saying  :)

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Ohgod, I thought it was a spider crawling out of the cup!

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LEGO Nautilus, Ammonite, and Trilobites

Created by Tim Goddard

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Hooray! Our new website with the booking system is now live! You can now book sessions with the cats at
Please read the product description under the booking table for full description and additional information. We open on 30th July and at this point in time each session is strictly 1 hour long. If you believe you will need longer than 1 hour please book multiple sessions at the time of booking as we cannot guarantee positions in store.
Thank you for being so patient!


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Fact: the Pacific Rim soundtrack makes everything better.

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