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starrynightcat and I went to the Royal Melbourne Show today. :) It was fun, but exhausting. There’ll be more pictures when I’m a little better organised.

[click on pics for captions.]

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Mr Adorable discovers the apple tree

Not sure if this was his first tree.

He managed to climb quite a ways up and I was a little concerned but he got down again all on his own.

He also discovered the fence but I wasn’t ready for him to explore that yet so that’s when we went back inside.

(And in other news, that has nothing to do with my cat: the cubs and I went to the Astor today to see Labyrinth! Jared’s costumes - despite those grey leggings which are really, really distracting -  are amazing. I’ve got a whole new appreciation of them…)

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Mr Adorable goes outside for the first time

In which he slunk down the backsteps and went straight under the house. (I didn’t panic cos his collar jingles quite loudly and I could hear where he was. Also, he had no hesitation in coming to me when I made the appropriate ‘come here' noises so all in all we were quite relaxed.)

Venturing out on to the grass for the first time. Look at the floof!

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Completely relaxed kitteh.

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1ère bande-annonce de Black Hat, réalisé par Michael Mann. À l’affiche le 16 janvier.

"…the guy we’re working with will drop the big hammer and not think twice about it…


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Oh, Bubbles…

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You And Me Song - The Wannadies (1994) [Audio Only]

Feels. Just feels.


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Premature Burial


So, this is a recurring issue in the Shakespearean canon:


I know Elizabethan medicine wasn’t exactly state-of-the-art, but I’m constantly appalled at how readily people jump to conclusion of “Oh no, she’s dead, let’s dump the body somewhere” after someone falls over. Then again, these are the…

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