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Big Brother is Bashful

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Yep, there’s going to be a lot of cat pics from here on in…

Fez, looking very fetching against my pink bedsheets… Note the reflective silver collar.

Got some moderate floof going on there. One day I’ll get a good pic of his almost!squirrel tail.

He looks very sedate here. It’s misleading.

(And Aunty starrynightcat, the squiddie on a string is the best thing : )

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New baby :)  The rescue place named him Ferrari - cos he’s very fast - but I’ve called him Fez, because - say it with me - Fezzes are cool.

He’s about 8 months old and ridiculously smoochy. His paws are very big.

(KittenKong died a few months ago. I’ve been meaning to post some of my fav pics of her but just haven’t been able to face them. Fez doesn’t make me miss KK any less, but I don’t feel lonely without a cat anymore.)

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Familiarity breeds contempt.

What? These old ruins? Pfft.’

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The Bib Record Challenge


If you haven’t been living under a rock recently, you’re well aware of the fantastic Ice Bucket Challenge that has been making the rounds on social media, raising money for ALS research and patient support. Even my beloved Ladies of Angiers have gotten in on the action, Elizabethan-style:

And then when you’re desperately trawling around checking out what other cataloguers have recorded about the book and they’ve put the/a date in square brackets and you’re thinking to yourself: what? where? where was that stated? are you making this up? did you guess? are you channeling the publisher? what??

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I haven’t been here for days. I s’pose I should check the T-Hiddy tags to see what fresh insanity that man’s subjected us to…  :)

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I do so love a movie I can quote along with

… and know what’s been left out, included, or changed compared to other versions.

(Still coming to terms with this version. It seems curiously passionless.)

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Grease Sing A Long Trailer 2010 HD 1080P

Hee, went along to this on Friday night at the Astor, with Soulsis, Ms Raven and Jay. It was so much fun; there’s something really satisfying about singing loudly with a couple of hundred other people who know all the words, too.
By the time we left I could barely talk.

(However… I know I mostly live in my happy little fandom bubble but the heteronormativity of the storyline was kinda - surprisingly - stifling. :)


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Fennec Friday continues…

Bouncing Baby Fennec Fox Pounces and Plays at the San Diego Zoo